Our Main Objectives

To carry on the trade or business as manufactures and process of dealers in distributors, agent and seller, importer and exporters of Hosiery goods knitting yarn. Readymade garments and fabrics of all kinds and description and in all its branches.

To carry on the business or business twisting, doubling weaving knitting, combing manufacturing processing of preparing, darning, packing, bleaching, dyeing, colouring, Printing, selling and buying, dealing in various Libras like wool, cotton, stapie, silk and artificial silk, flex jute etc. and other manmade synthetic fibres, angora, nylon. Mohair, polyester and substances including waste, wool. Raw wool, wool tops and woollen rang etc.

To carry on all or any of the following business as manufacturers, dealers, distributors, agent, buyers and sellers, exporters and importers, commission agent in wool tops, worsted yarn, woolen yarn, wool waste, woolen hosiery, woolen cloth, woolen blankets. Shoddy yarn, cotton yarn, synthetic yarn, rayon yarn and other allied woolen and textile products.

To carry on all or any of the following business namely wool merchants, wool combers, worsted spinners, shoddy spinners, staple spinners, synthetic spinners, top makers, thread and yarn, merchants bleachers, dyers, makers of vitriol bleaching and dying materials and to purchase, comb. Prepare, spin dye deal in flax, hemp, jute, cotton, silk and other fibrous substances and to process or otherwise manufacturer, buy and sell and deal in linen, cloth, hosiery and other goods and fabrics.

To carry on all or any of the business of bleaching wool with silk, cotton rayon stapple and any other synthetic substances. To Manufacturer, export, import, produce pr prepare and deal in threads, yarns, wool, clothing, wool waste and knitwear, mufflers, socks, jerseys, rayon, staple, tapes and other woven and knitted fabrics and fabricated goods of all description.

To Carry on the business of leasing and hire - purchase and or hire purchase financing and to acquire, to provide on hire purchase basis all types of industrial and office plant, equipments machinery, vehicles, building and real estate required for manufacturing, processing, transportation and trading business and other commercial and service business.

To carry on business as share and stock brokers, sub-brokers, dealers, traders, agents, for subscribing and for the sale and purchase of securities, stocks, shares, debentures, debentures stock, bonds units, cash certificates, commercial papers, Governments securities, or other financial instruments or obligations, and securities issued or guaranteed by body corporate whether established in India or elsewhere; authority whether central, state or local; to acquire the trading and clearing membership or other membership of the Capital Market Segment, Debt Segment, Future and Options Segment, or other segment of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited, Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, National Securities clearing corporation Limited and/or any of any other stock exchanges in India or abroad, to act as commodity brokers, to acquire and sell, dispose off, exchange, hold and otherwise deal in commodities and commodity derivatives; to act as currency brokers to purchase and sell, dispose off, exchange, hold and otherwise deal in currencies and currency derivatives; portfolio managers, underwriters, fund managers, investment consultants, depository participants for securities and asset and share transfer agents in India or elsewhere.